Our Program

The Taylor Made Retreat is dedicated to creating a path to a spiritual awakening for the folks that come to stay with us.

The facility, the property and the program are all geared toward providing an atmosphere and opportunity to have your perceptions changed. 

We eliminate outside distractions and focus on the 12 steps and their application in our lives. Both in the program house and outside. The 12 step immersion is augmented with Pilates, yoga, mindful meditation and rigorous exercise…


"...find a personality change sufficient to recover from your disease..."

a day in the life



Meditation practice




Big Book study group


Literature study group


Lecture presentation




Community meeting


Big Book worksheets group


Personal time




In-house or outside AA meeting


Tenth step group


what to bring

  • Alarm clock.

  • A blank notebook or journal, pens, pencil, and a highlighter.

  • If you take any prescription medications, bring enough to last for the length of your stay. Refills can be obtained at the local pharmacy, but it’s best to bring enough with you for the month.

  • If you smoke, bring enough cigarettes for a 30-day stay. Cigarettes can be mailed to you during your stay.

  • If you vape, bring enough supplies for a 30-day stay. Vape supplies can be mailed to you during your stay, but we will not make any trips to a vape store.

  • All your toiletries to last for the length of your stay with us.

  • Comfortable clothes and clothes for yoga and fitness room. No drug or alcohol related sayings on attire. You will have access to our laundry facilities several times weekly while here, and we provide the laundry detergent for you.

  • Feel free to bring any over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and supplements that you are taking.

  • You are welcome to bring an iPod or digital music player - unless it has video and/or internet capabilities. Feel free to use them in your room, the Fitness Room and outside while walking.

  • We have a safe for items, but encourage you not to bring unnecessary items of value.

  • We want you to have an immersion experience in recovery while here, so we do not allow laptop computers, DVD players, movies, handheld gaming systems, etc. Take this time to focus on your sobriety and nothing else!

  • Please bring any recovery or spiritual based books and literature with you, but no “pleasure reading” items such as novels or magazines.

  • We provide clean towels, sheets, and one pillow. Please feel free to bring additional pillows if desired.